May 23

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The Water You Drink Is Important

Hi Gordon,

I am so delighted with the Vortex Water System, it was fitted yesterday and within 24 hours, I have noticed the following specific benefits:-

– Washing comes out of the washing machine far less creased, therefore requiring less time to iron.

– The shower door which previously was covered ini limescale and cloudy is now sparking and clean after each shower, without being scrubbed or washed.

– Hair and skin feels softer to touch and we are using half the amount of shampoo and soap for better results than before the system was fitted.

– My Fiancee’s diamond ring is glistening like never before.

– Water tastes great – cleaner and colder I am convinced that the cost of the Vortex Water System will be more than recouped after little more than a year and in the meantime, we have all the great benefits immediately and forever, Needless to say, I’m a very happy customer.

So happy, that I would like to distribute the product immediately. Please can we have a conversation about this?

Please feel free to use the above testimonial – a photo often works well to accompany testimonials, so I’ve attached one for you. Have a magical day

Andrew Bridgewater
London UK

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