Jul 25

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Miss Eco Glam Loves Alive Water

Miss Eco Glam Loves Alive WaterI have been using the Alive Water Vortex System for only such a short time and I am astounded at the results so far!

Coming from Australia originally, where our water is not that great, nothing prepared me for London water! After having one shower after we got off the plane was shocking enough for my skin and hair. It felt SO dry and itchy!! I knew there and then that something was not right with the water over here.

I had been using a shower head filter, over the last 2 years, which did help a fair bit but I still needed to put cream on my skin very often, otherwise it would feel and look quite dry.

When I met Gordon at an event and he explained about the Vortex Water, something in me told me that I needed to look into it more.

After having it installed into my mains so that all the water in the house is Vortex Water, I have felt amazing since that first bath! I am not used to getting out of a bath and actually feeling refreshed!!!! I noticed straight away that my skin was unbelievably soft and just felt very comfortable. I actually have never had skin this soft ever, it feels like it belongs to someone else!

I have even noticed that the bumps I would get on my upper outer arms have disappeared as well! I am loving drinking from my kitchen sink and not feeling like I am doing something ‘bad’ because I am drinking water from the tap!

I had no idea a water system like this even existed until I met Gordon! The subject of which water to drink often brings loads of confusion, myself included being very unsure!

I am loving also what it is doing for my little dog, she is enjoying drinking more water and has more energy! I also wash her in the Alive Water and her coat has never been this soft or fluffy.

The biggest skeptic in my house, my husband, said to me yesterday ‘You’re right, my skin does feel amazing’. To get him to agree that this is good was something I was concerned about but it just came naturally from the results, not from me trying to convince him!

I also love drinking the water, it makes me feel good, as opposed to a bit sick in the stomach like water often can.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this water is!

— Anna Rodgers – Miss Eco Glam

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