Aug 27

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Miraculous For Me And My Sprouts

Hi Gordon,

The Vortex Water System is amazing!

I have read some of the other testimonials so I was hoping that my skin would improve, and it has. So much so that people are not only telling me that i look younger but one person said that I ‘didn’t look like the same person’!

When I saw that someone said that the skin on her hands had tightened I was a little unsure as to the ability of the system to do that, but mine has tightened too. My hands look a lot younger.

My alfalfa and fenugreek sprouts now have 100% germination. This was a completely unexpected and thrilling effect and I have been regaling all my friends with the story of the sunflower seeds. Which I shall explain: My daughter in London has had almost no joy in the past with the germination of sunflower seeds, (which we love to eat sprouted and raw). I have heard that the quality of London water is particularly bad. Her sunflower sprouts not only germinate but look and taste better. And we recently ‘carted’ some that she had sprouted from London to Harlech in Wales and then on to Birmingham using only a cold bag, and fourteen days later they were not only o.k. they still tasted fine. I know cos I ate ’em!

The is almost ridiculous, when in the past she usually couldn’t get them to grow at all.

This system is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you again . I enclose a photo of my alfalfa seeds.


Alfalfa Sprouts on Alive Water

Sprouting Alfalfa




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