Jul 11

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Alive Water In The Sauna Bar Covent Garden

The Sauna Bar in Covent Garden, London installed a vortex water system into their mains water live to create alive water throughout the spa.

Initially they wanted the vortex water system installed to reduce maintenance, but were very pleased to find that their clients also noticed the difference.

Alive Water in THE SAUNA BAR

Soft water that has been revitalised makes the experience of both the owners and clients of this spa much better in so many ways.
Using one of the larger domestic water softeners, The Sauna Bar in Covent Garden, London, had the Vortex Water Revitalizer installed a year ago to naturally soften their water.

Before they had the system installed they had a significant ongoing task of cleaning their pipes, the jets in the tubs, the shower heads and the mirrors and glass ware.

As a result of installing the Vortex Water Revitalizer they have noticed a significant drop in maintenance costs and and an improvement in the quality of their water. They now clean their pipes, jets and mirrors on a far less regular basis, with improved results for their clientele. They have noticed that they need less soap in the showers and their skin and hair feel softer and healthier.

The owner was so impressed with the water quality, he has now had one installed in his home, his retreat and is planning to install another in his cabaret in Earls Court.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer creates naturally soft water, that is healthier without the need for chemicals, filters of maintenance. Reducing costs, improving the life of their appliances and improving the quality of their service to their clients.

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