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Oct 30

Understand Why Alive Water is Super Hydrating

One of the key benefits of Alive Water is that it provides your body with super-hydration. This is something that has been reported in sports men and women and also seen in plants and agriculture. Why is this so important? Quite simply put, if every cell of your body is healthy then you are healthy, …

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May 23

The Water You Drink Is Important

Hi Gordon, I am so delighted with the Vortex Water System, it was fitted yesterday and within 24 hours, I have noticed the following specific benefits:- – Washing comes out of the washing machine far less creased, therefore requiring less time to iron. – The shower door which previously was covered ini limescale and cloudy …

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Feb 12

Vortex Water Tastes Like Silk

“O” what a joy to drink my beautiful vortex water, it tastes like silk. So much nicer than any bottled water. As I Drink it I can feel it nourishing my mind, body and spirit… every home should have one. “Thank You” Shirley Ann Millar London UK  

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