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Triple Vortex SEM Water Conditioner (Commercial)

The Triple Vortex SEM Water Conditioner contains the triple vortex water harmoniser at its heart and patented all natural mineral ceramic balls. As water passes through system it is treated twice, first by triple vortex and then by ceramic balls which transform it into high quality water. No chemicals are used in this process. SEM can be installed in various places, for example, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, farms and domestic homes.

Naturally soft water has so many advantages over chemically softened water.

  • You can drink it
  • Natural Ph Balance is restored
  • Elimination of E.Coli bacteria
  • Elimination of Coliform bacteria
  • Reduction of nitrates
  • Dramatic reduction of chlorine
  • Increased absorption ability for improved hydration
  • Better skin and hair
  • It is healthier for your body
  • It tastes better
  • Dramatic reduction in mineral, lime scale and rust
  • It helps to maintain the health of your domestic appliances
  • Healthier for your plants, garden and lawn.
  • Generate negative Ions
  • No ongoing costs
  • No Salt

The ceramic balls within the system far infra-red (FIR) which activates the water, ionising the water molecules. Negative ions are known to help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin. Research also indicated the Negative ions can also help alleviate symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

FIR activates water and reduces the size of water clusters. Small water clusters absorb better and provide more benefits to the skin, hair and blood stream.

FIR is also known to help increase blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce body toxins.

Comes with a 5 Year manufacturer Warranty All prices include VAT.

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