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Ceraelite Shower Head

The Ceraelite Ionic Showerhead will transform your bathroom into a hotel quality ionic spa.

They come with three shower settings; Ionic Mist, Massage and Normal.

Ionic Mist is the most popular mode and it maximizes the negative ion effect.

They contains long lasting SSK balls which never need replacing.

The Ceraelite Shower Head produces naturally soft water has so many advantages over chemically softened water.

  • Natural Ph Balance is restored
  • Elimination of E.Coli bacteria
  • Elimination of Coliform bacteria
  • Dramatic reduction of chlorine
  • Increased absorption ability for improved hydration
  • Softer skin and hair
  • It is healthier for your body
  • Dramatic reduction in mineral, lime scale and rust
  • No ongoing costs
  • Takes up no extra space in your home
  • Easy to install

Comes with a 1 Year manufacturer Warranty.
All prices include VAT.

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Price: £200.00

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  1. Jorge Lossius

    In the EU, bottled water may be called mineral water when it is bottled at the source and has undergone no or minimal treatment. Permitted is the removal of iron, manganese, sulphur and arsenic through decantation, filtration or treatment with ozone-enriched air, in so far as this treatment does not alter the composition of the water as regards the essential constituents which give it its properties..,^^

    See ya soon

    1. Gordon Jackson

      Hello Jorge

      How are You doing? Sorry for the slow Reply. Our system changes the structure of the water and energises it and much more
      Our system is a whole house system so You not only drink good healthy clean water you bathe, shower, cook,
      etc,you live the whole experience of Alive water. No more nasty bottled water we are here for the environment,
      people, animals, plants and our beautiful planet.



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