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Cerasalon Shower Heads

Cerasalon shower heads - The same quality patented technology has been incorporated in this stylish salon version shower head. SSK balls are made from all natural minerals which never need to be replaced. Shampoo lathers easily and less shampoo and conditioner are required. Dirt and grease is removed from pores and it helps reduce skin irritation.

The health and vitality of the client's hair is just one benefit, the Cerasalon shower head also helps to protect the health of the hairdresser's hands.

The Cerasalon Shower Head produces naturally soft water with so many advantages over chemically softened water.

  • Natural Ph Balance is restored
  • Elimination of E.Coli bacteria
  • Elimination of Coliform bacteria
  • Reduction of nitrates
  • Dramatic reduction of chlorine
  • Increased absorption ability for improved hydration
  • Softer skin and hair
  • It is healthier for your body
  • Dramatic reduction in lime scale
  • Cleaner bathroom
  • No ongoing costs
  • Takes up no extra space in your home
  • Easy to install
  • No Salt



Comes with a 1 Year manufacturer Warranty All prices include VAT.

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Price: £70.00

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