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Ceramic Plate

The Ceramic Plate is made with 100% natural mineral ceramics. It can help to save energy when cooking by reducing the time required to boil water or to cook food, including frying. It also works well with frozen food.

The electricity or gas used in homes and restaurants on a daily basis can be expensive these days. Sometimes this cost forces restaurants to increase their prices or in extreme cases they may need to close down.

The Ceramic Cooking Stone will revolutionise the way we cook and help us to decrease our energy consumption. When it is placed in water, it helps the water to boil more quickly and to maintain a high temperature, thus saving energy and cost. It can also be used to keep the temperature high when frying. It is also effective when cooking frozen food. The Cooking Stone acts as a catalyst which is said to bring out the natural goodness in food. It is made of 100% natural materials.


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