Oct 30

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Understand Why Alive Water is Super Hydrating

Healthy Cells - Healthy BodyOne of the key benefits of Alive Water is that it provides your body with super-hydration. This is something that has been reported in sports men and women and also seen in plants and agriculture.

Why is this so important?

Quite simply put, if every cell of your body is healthy then you are healthy, it can be no other way. So, by promoting the energy and health of every cell of your body you are promoting the health and energy of your entire body.

There are several key factors that have a profound affect on the way Alive Water is received by your body and each factor interact with the other. The key factors are:

  • Micro-clustering the water molecules
  • Releasing negative ions
  • Releasing impurities from the water molecules

Your cells are fed by the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse in all cells – and ATP generates that power. ATP is the cell’s only food. The mitochondria make ATP via a spinning enzyme. The “food” that spins that enzyme is a hydrogen ion, which we get mostly from the water that we drink and good fresh food that we eat.

Alive Water is micro-clustered, which means that there are more hydrogen ions available for the enzyme to use, generating more energy for the cells.

In addition because the water molecules are smaller, they can pass through the cell wall more easily, which allows your cells to access the water.

So Alive Water is super hydrating because it passes into your cells more easily and is able to help your cells generate ATP with gives you more energy at a cellular level. This keeps your cells healthy, which in turn promotes health throughout your body.

Enjoy Alive Water in your life, because water is for life!


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