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Anti-corrosion Effects

Activated Alive Water has a number of benefits to the water system throughout your home or business. Several customers have commented on the reduction in corrosion and there have been several cases where the AVS or SEM systems have been purchased specifically to convert the red rust within iron and steel pipes and component. In one case installing a Vortex Activator in the main water line into the building the customer was able to avoid replacing all their pipes resulting in a considerable saving.

The important factor is that the rust in the pipes is restructured from red rust, which is fragile, unstable and porous, to become black rust, which is strong, stable and inert. Black rust also seals the iron or steel, preventing any further corrosion and extending the life of the pipes.

Alive Water is Anti-corrosive

How does the Vortex Activator do this?

As water passes through the system it is activated, which releases oxygen and negative ions in the water, which in turn creates unstable short lived, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This hydrogen peroxide interacts with the rust to restructure the rust molecules converting them to black rust and water.

H2O2 + Fe2+ => Fe0 + H2O

FeO + Fe2O3 => Fe3O4 + H2O

This can have a significant impact on the life of iron and steel components in the water supply and massively reduce contamination within the water system. For any company or home with old iron or steel pipes, the cost savings can be significant.


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