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How It Works

Triple Vortex Water HarmoniserWater that arrives in your home has usually not seen the light of day in some time and has undergone a series of processes to make it ‘clean’ and ‘safe’. These processes include passing the water through filtration beds, the addition of chemicals and pressurising it through the pipes, resulting in the water molecules becoming clumped together in large clusters with the dissolved gases, minerals and lime scale tightly bonded to these clusters.

Water in this state is extremely hard and an ideal breeding ground for bad bacteria. The chemicals that are added to the water, such as chlorine, make the water much less healthy and result in damage to your environment, appliances and health. In order to soften the water and harmonise it, it is necessary to separate the dissolved minerals and lime scale from these large clusters of water molecules.

Traditionally this has required a strong chemical process that leaves the water contaminated and no longer fit for human consumption – you can’t even use it in the garden without damaging the plants.

The Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser is different, it does not rely on the addition of more chemicals to soften the water, instead it uses a double spiral internal flow form. This splits the water into two paths that spin around each other very quickly, creating a powerful vortex.  Within this vortex the water goes through a process called implosion. This forces the clustered water molecules to be forced apart allowing the minerals and lime scale to come out of dissolution. The water molecules are separated into micro clusters and the heavier elements and compounds such as lime scale and heavy metals are separated into single element clusters.

The result is that the water is naturally softened without the need for any chemicals.

This has a number of key benefits over traditional water softeners.

  1. The only moving part is the water, therefore there is no need for any maintenance
  2. There is no need for salt or other chemicals, so there are no ongoing running costs
  3. The water is drinkable – no salt or other chemicals are injected into the water.
  4. As the water molecules are in smaller clusters, it is absorbed into the body more easily
  5. As the heavy elements such as metals and other minerals are separated from the water and formed into clusters, there are not absorbed into the body in the way they would normally
  6. Dissolved gasses are freed from the water molecules during the implosion process allowing the oxygen to be more accessible in the body.
  7. Chlorine dissolved in the water is able to rapidly evaporate when it exits the tap, dramatically reducing the amount entering your body.
  8. This also means that Anaerobic bacteria such as e-coli find the environment inhospitable.
  9. Restores the natural Ph balance of the water
  10. The water tastes and feels better to drink

Vortices have been used in industrial and domestic processes for many years. Modern vacuum cleaners use a series of vortices to separate dust from the air instead of traditional filters. This process was copied from industrial environments where similar processes separate saw dust from the air in saw mills. The power of a water vortex can be seen in the trail left by ships from their propellers. As the propeller spins it creates a vortex, which in turn forces dissolved gasses out of the water creating a trail of foam in the wake of the ship. The propeller is under water so the bubbles come exclusively from dissolved gasses.

The largest example of the power of a vortex in nature comes from a tornado, where the forces rip houses apart and uproot trees. In water, mountain streams produce highly oxygenated and fresh tasting water through the vortex action as the water tumbles over rocks.

In the highly controlled environment within the Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser, the power of the vortex naturally softens your water in a way that no other domestic water softener is able to do.


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