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Pure Activated Mineral Water – Throughout Your Home or Business

Alive Mineral Water Filter
Pure Mineral Water Filter SEM System
AVS - Aqua Vortex System
AVS – Aqua Vortex System
SEM - Super Energised Minerals with Vortex
SEM – Super Energised Minerals
Ceraelite Ionic Shower Head

Ceraelite Ionic Shower Head
Ceramic Ball Water Activator
Ceramic TeaBall Water Activator
Pure Water Filter System
Pure Water Filter System
Cerabloom Ionic Shower Head
Cerabloom Fixed Ionic Shower Head
Fixed Shower Head Converter
Cera-Web Fix to Removable shower head Converter
Ceramild Air-mix Vortex Shower Head
Ceramic Ball Water Activator
Cerasalon Mineral Activated Shower Head
Cerasalon Mineral Activated Shower Head


Water is for Life!
Make sure you enjoy the health and home benefits of Activated Mineral Water
Special Video Report
Ban Salt Based Water Softeners
Find Out About The Health and Environmental Issues
Watch this video on the massive risks to your health and the environment caused by the use of salt based water softeners.
Help your health
your home
and our environment.Let’s work together. 

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The Most Advanced Activated Mineral Water Filter Purification System

Alive Mineral Water Filter


As you will see from the detail information below, this is one of the most comprehensive filter systems available. We are very exited to be able to support people with Pure Vortex Activated Mineral Water flowing through there whole home. The system comes with the Patented ER Alloy® media, which lasts a full 2 years before it needs replacing.All BPA free, NSF and FDA approved system.Five Key Reasons To Buy A Water Treatment System:

  • Filtering
  • Softening
  • Ionising
  • Alkalising
  • Super Hydrating (micro-clustering)

The Pure Water Filter SEM System provides all these functions in one system that is eco-friendly and cost effective.

Advanced Multi-stage Mineral Water Purification and Activation system

The ER Alloy® within the filter is a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (REDOX) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidised.

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Mineral Water at HomeThe advanced Triple Vortex Mineral Water System brings you healthy, environmentally friendly, Mineral Activated Alive Water throughout your home.

The Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser uses a natural phenomenon created in the vortex water pipe to micro-cluster the water and ion encapsulate lime scale and other compounds in the water to create healthy drinkable alive water that tastes great, helps to clean your pipes and maintain the health of your domestic appliances. You will feel the benefits of naturally soft alive water straight away. You will require less soap and detergents, your skin and hair will feel better and your kitchen and bathroom will stay clean longer. Naturally soft alive water has so many advantages over chemically softened water.

In addition the Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser requires no filters or salt, so it is completely maintenance free. Made from high grade stainless steel, it has no moving parts (the only moving part is the water) so it lasts a lifetime.

The Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser is the ideal domestic water softener as it is easy to install by any plumber usually in less than 30 minutes, does not require any space in your home at all and can be removed and relocated when you move.

Try the Triple Vortex Water Harmoniser and enjoy the benefits of alive water in your home or business now. No other vortex water pipe works as well as no other has the triple vortex technology.



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